I'm Sergei Konishchev
Senior/Lead Product Designer
With a rich over 15-year background in Product and UX Design, I seek a challenging role in a B2B digital service sectors with a complex domain. Having designed over 100 digital projects and led teams of up to 26, I bring a blend of design expertise and managerial acumen. I am keen to leverage my experience to drive product excellence and innovation.
Open to work in the EU
Contextual advertising automation
EdTech, Software Product Group
- Designed all screens from scratch
- Investor communication
- 50+ in-depth interviews
- Onboarded first client
ECG Dangle + Cardio Cloud
MedTech, Nordavind
- Study a new domain – cardiology
- UX Research + CJM + UX tests
- UX design new Mobile App and Reports
- UI Kit + Design system
Engine for online stores as SaaS
SaaS E-commerce, I was the founder
- Market research and in-depth interviews
- Design of all functions and all screens
- MVP programming + First sales
- Team hiring and management
and more than 100 projects in which I have improved UX from various business areas
I'm not an Artist, I'm a Business Designer
Key Contributions in Projects
  • 1. User Research & Scenario Exploration
    Through in-depth interviews and UX testing, I delve into user needs, understanding the context and nuances of problem-solving.
  • 2. Designing and Validating Wireframes
    I create the structure and behavior of all screens and their states. Documentation is prepared, detailing the behavior of each element. This is followed by user validation of the designed solutions.
  • 3. Design System Creation and Development Support
    Through USM, I phase solutions into product implementation. This involves creating all elements and states for the design system. I also provide responses to the development team's queries and refine UX solutions for complex scenarios.
  • 4. Design Review and Analytics of Implemented Changes
    Post-development, I conduct reviews to assess implementation quality. This includes UX testing and collaboration with analysts and data scientists to quantify the impact of changes on KPIs, with a special focus on overall business profitability.

Companies whose UX & KPIs I have improved

I have attended conferences as a speaker (Rus)
About specialisations in UX
About UX in GameDev